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"Within you is all the wisdom, knowledge, comfort & peace you've been searching for. Around you are loving, trusting souls urging you on and reminding you that you are not alone on this journey.”


Are you looking to feel more whole, peaceful and happy? Have you had a major loss or change that feels difficult to overcome or manage? Are you anxious, sad, stressed, or lonely? Do you dream of a different life for yourself?  Do you wonder how to connect with your soul’s purpose?


For over two decades, I have worked with people struggling with life challenges such as health, grief, loss, divorce, unemployment, growing children, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, and uncertainty about how to create a life they would love.  I have also worked with many seekers looking to find their soul’s calling and connect more deeply to their spirituality.  


Recognizing and integrating the unique wisdom and healing power that lies within each of us, I will work with you to tap into your inner voice and guidance systems. Along with this inner “compass”, I will help you develop new “tools” and strategies to access peace of mind, confidence, joy and acceptance.  In no time, you will learn to trust yourself, flow with whatever comes your way, and create the life you imagine for yourself.


Using a holistic approach (one that integrates body, mind, heart and soul), I invite you to tune into and learn ways to feel more whole and balanced.  When you align with the essence of who you are and connect to the Flow of Life (that which is beyond time & space), you are "in soul". And when you are "in soul", no matter what happens around you, you can better sustain a sense of well-being. By tapping into your inner wisdom and the eternal guidance available to us all, you can sail through even the roughest storms of life with a sense of confidence and peace. I will work with you as a guide and facilitator as you find your own way at your own pace.

Please contact me to schedule a free phone consultation.

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